BJJ Kids… It’s fun!

Our BJJ Kids program targets kids with ages between 6 and 13 years. They will have a lot of fun during our jiu jitsu classes, because we teach BJJ in a playful way, coupled with respect and discipline.

We have kids classes every Wednesday between 18:00 and 19:00 in our modern Dojo in Affoltern am Albis


Why should your kids learn BJJ?

There are many good reasons why your kids should train BJJ.

For instance:


It’s fun!

In our kids program we teach children self-defense in a playful way. Accordingly the children will have a lot of fun while learning BJJ while improving their stamina and coordination.


It promotes self-confidence

Watch your children change, due to the self-confidence mediated during BJJ training. Not only on the mats but also in real live situations.


Strong body, strong spirit

There are many health benefits at BJJ. Further your kids will be tired after class due to the physical exhaustion and mental discipline required to learn BJJ techniques.


Against mobbing

We give to give the children the necessary resources to deal with it themselves. With this in mind, having BJJ experience does not necessarily means fighting, but not even being bullyed.


It’s fun!

There are no punches and therefore no consequences for the aggression involved in making punches or kicks. In fact, a BJJ athlete submits the opponent by intelligence and remains calm throughout.


It’s just cool!

BJJ is currently the fastest growing martial arts sport on the planet. On the other hand you should know that BJJ is not like MMA or cage fighting. Comparatively Judo is probably the most similar.