Zürichstrasse 128, 8910 Affoltern am Albis, Schweiz
+41 79 932 5644


Carlson Gracie Affoltern

We offer different courses so you can choose what suits you best.
We have training possibilities in various forms up to 16 hours per week.
Below is a detailed description of the training units and the Carlson Gracie Affoltern schedule (valid until end of 2018)

In this class we start with 10 minutes warm-up. After that we will learn 1 or 2 techniques and practice several times. The unit will then end with 20 minutes of sparring.

If you just want to learn the techniques, then we recommend this course.
After a 10min warm-up we will learn 2 or 3 techniques and practice several times.

These tranings are organized by team members themselves to repeat the techniques learned. This training is especially good for people who want to participate in competitions.

If you enjoy the sparring and have the stamina, then you should definitely participate in the Thursday training. Almost an hour of sparring non-stopThe focus of the training is on fighting and endurance!

No Gi
This class is the same as the normal class, but without kimono (Fight Shorts and Rashguard)

NoGI training with striking techniques both standing and ground positions.

Open Mat
In Open Mat at Carlson Gracie Zurich in Wallisellen you have the opportunity to measure yourself against athletes from other Academies

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